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Intense Digital Addiction Introduces Acute Melancholy and Anxiety


Intense digital addiction introduces acute melancholy along with anxiety, as smartphones are becoming an essential part of a day to day life of the most of individuals, which are the devices that people fond of to be always connected with, even multitasking while eating, studying, attending class, etc.


Many of the smartphone addicts are even enthusiastically devoted to the continual chimes, pings, alerts and vibrations of the devices and can’t ignore new text, images and emails. Among all the digital addictions, the social media technologies occupy the highest rates of people choices, which actually influences negatively on the people’s social connection.

Holistic Health minor, Senior Sierra Hinkle says that she has stopped using headphones while out walking in order to be more aware of her surroundings. When she’s out with friends, they all put their phones in the center of the table, and the first one to touch theirs buys the drinks. She said in a statement, “We have to become creative and approach technology in a different way that still incorporates the skills we need but doesn’t take away from real-life experience.”

Overuse of smartphones and other digital devices, which leads to high level of blues, the feelings of melancholy, loneliness, sadness, anxiety, and depression, is just another example of a substance abuse, according to the recent review disclosed in NeuroRegulation journal, authored by the Health Education professor, Erik Peper from San Francisco State University and Associate Professor, Richard Harvey.

Erik Peper describes the research as, “More eyeballs, more clicks, and more money. But now we are hijacked by those same mechanisms that once protected us and allowed us to survive — for the most trivial pieces of information.”