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Cloud Storage Centers going to run on Wind and Solar


Cloud Storage Centers going to run on Wind and Solar of Tech companies like Amazon and Google. Every time you buy something on Amazon, open a Google doc or stream a movie, you’re probably pulling electricity from a wind turbine in Texas or a solar farm in Virginia.

Cloud-Storage-Centers-going-to-run-on-Wind-and-SolarSince 2008, renewable energy has gone from 9% to 18% of the U.S. energy mix, according to the Business Council for Sustainable Energy.

Tech companies’ rapid build out of cloud storage centers and a move to brighten their public image by vowing they’ll run these centers on sources like wind and solar.

The nation’s power companies are changing policies and crafting deals that meet increased demands for renewable energy, in some cases shifting away from traditional electricity supplies like coal and natural gas. Even in coal mining states like West Virginia.

Last year, the top four corporate users of renewable energy in the world were Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Google announced this month that as of 2017, all its facilities and data centers were running on 100% renewable electricity. Walmart, GM and Budweiser all have goals to run more of their global business off renewable energy.

The data centers are huge users of electricity created non renewable sources. Hence it becomes necessary to push Tech towards renewable.

This is bad news for the struggling coal industry. Coal producers have seen their share of U.S. power generation decrease since 2008.