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Apple officially releases iPad Tutorial Videos


Apple officially releases iPad Tutorial Videos for highlighting the features of the tablets. Apple typically uploads instructional videos to a separate YouTube channel called Apple Support. For the record, there are 15 videos in total.

Apple-officially-releases-iPad-Tutorial-VideosAt first look, they appear to be simple how-to clips to let users make the most out of their devices. Taking a closer look at them, they seem to be part of the Cupertino brand’s way to promote the sixth-generation iPad with Apple Pencil support.

First up is Split View. As the name suggests, it allows users to run two apps at once. The best part is, users can drag and drop content, such as pictures, from one app to another.

At the time of this writing, only the two videos above are shared with the public. One way to access the mother lode is through Apple’s official how-to page. Another way is through the company’s iPad How-Tos YouTube playlist.

The other clips put the spotlight on the keyboard, the new Files app, email management, and sketching in the Notes app using the Apple Pencil, to name a few. The photo-editing guide focuses on how to erase unwanted objects from pictures, such as a stranger in the background.

Last but not least, Apple is showing users how to use their hands effectively for the iPad. The clip centers on sending multiple images by tapping and holding on one and tapping on others to automatically send them in one go. It also mentions a five-finger pinch to return to the home screen.