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Trump Met Video Game Industrialists Bemoaning Prevalence of Violent Content Exposure in Video Games


Trump met video game industrialists to discuss link between violent content exposure in video games and desensitization in children, as the meeting was held at the White House on Thursday that included several outspoken critics of the video game industry and the industry rivals.

The remark by President of the United States, Donald Trump was a link that connects video games to violence realizing the mass shooting attempted by a teen last month in Parkland, Florida killing 17 people. The President bemoaned the generality of violent images easily accessible by kids in their very little age.


Researches have been failed since decades to accentuate the association of gun violence to the graphic depictions of violence being seen in different video games as well as movies. In a conference call, program director for the PTC, Melissa Henson said that, “The tone in the meeting was information-gathering. It was a fact-finding meeting.”

Melissa Henson added in a statement that, “While the clips were playing, he was pointing out how violent those scenes were. While he was doing that, there was silence around the room. What I heard in today’s meeting is that the entertainment industry is still fighting to maintain the status quo and is not ready or willing to confront the impact that media violence has on our children”

In addition, the Entertainment Software Association disclosed a statement saying that, “Studies have found no connection between games and real-life violence. The meeting will provide the opportunity to have a fact-based conversation about video game ratings, our industry’s commitment to parents, and the tools we provide to make informed entertainment choices.”