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Former employees prosecute Google


Former employees prosecute Google and investigated by the Labor Department for underpaying women. It says Google pays most of the men and women who work for the Internet giant around the globe 89% equally.

Former-employees-prosecute-GoogleBut what about the 11% employees, a group that includes the company’s senior vice presidents and above and who are mostly men, were not included in the analysis conducted by Google.

Arjuna Capital, asked Google to disclose more publicly about how much male and female employees earn as part of a broader effort to close the gender pay gap in the business world, praised Google for being more forthcoming. But the activist shareholder found fault with the limited scope of the analysis.

Google only examined job categories with 30 or more employees and with at least five men and at least five women. That excluded all employees at the vice president level and above.

Michael Passoff, CEO of Proxy said that “The data for senior management is missing and that is generally where the largest gender pay discrepancies are found.”

63,000 employees surveyed, Google said it found 228 with statistically significant pay differences and increased their pay, which cost $270,000.

Google declared “We will continue to focus on fairness in all of our people processes and want Google to be a great place for everyone to work.”

Survey of Google has sharpened since the Labor Department began examining possible pay disparities. Three former employees proceed against Google claiming they were paid and promoted less than their male colleagues. Google denies the allegations.