Home News Blood Containing More PFAS Chemicals Boosts Regaining Weight in Women

Blood Containing More PFAS Chemicals Boosts Regaining Weight in Women


Blood containing more PFAS chemicals boosts regaining weight in those women with higher amount of such chemicals in their blood as compared to those with lower levels of the same.

The latest research released in the PLOS Medicine and conducted by the scientists from Harvard University, shows that being exposed to more fluorinated industrial chemicals, called as PFC or PFAS chemicals can be lead to increase the weight that people, more commonly the women use to regain after dieting.

Researchers say that the women at the beginning of the research, whose blood contained higher amount of PFAS chemicals, regained nearly 3.7 to 4.8 pounds more than their previous weight, as compared to the women having lower amount of those chemicals in the blood.

Professor Qi Sun from the Harvard Chan School said in a statement that, “Now, for the first time, our findings have revealed a novel pathway through which PFASs might interfere with human body weight regulation and thus contribute to the obesity epidemic.”


Now, the research team is studying whether there is link between womb exposed to air pollution or BPA and higher body mass index or fat after children become adolescence. However, the report disclosed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that averagely one-fifth of the children  are diagnosed with obesity in America.

Professor Bruce Blumberg from the University of California at Irvine stated that, “The existence of obesogens and the potential heritability of the effects they cause means that women of childbearing age, women who are pregnant, plan to become pregnant or who have young children would benefit greatly by reducing their exposure—and their children’s exposure—to obesogens and [endocrine-disrupting chemicals] in general.”