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Plunging Into Cold Water Kills Pain Instantly


Plunging into cold water kills pain and may offer instant physiotherapy, according to the latest research published in the medical journal BMJ.

A man in age of 28 years old suffering from chronic nerve pain got relief just by taking a plunge in cold water. However the man was already gone through a surgery of cutting chronic facial flushing, known as endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy, the treatment in which blushing nerves in the chest get cut. He even rendered all the physical therapy course prescribed to him, but neither any drug worked nor exercise appeared to make things well.

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Researchers from the universities of East Anglia and Cambridge, who are the leading authors of the published study, reported that it is not yet clear that how plunging into the cold water helped the patient defeat his pain.

Moreover, a warning has been declared by the Outdoor Swimming Society that swimming in temperatures leads to various risks such as sudden cold shock, hypothermia and cramp. They suggest people having certain heart conditions, asthma, pregnancy or high blood pressure to get expert advice before going on winter swimming

The patient stated that, “I initially thought ‘damn this is so cold I’m going to die!’ and I just swam for my life. Once I was in the water, I had tunnel vision – for the first time in months, I completely forgot about the pain or the fear of shooting pains in my chest if I moved. I just knew if I didn’t keep swimming, I’d soon freeze. After a few moments I actually enjoyed it – it was just an immersive rush of adrenaline.”