Home News Oman Desert Resembles Mars: Scientists Tested the Location with Geo-Radar

Oman Desert Resembles Mars: Scientists Tested the Location with Geo-Radar


Oman desert resembles Mars, a barren desert located in southern Oman nearby the Saudi Arabia and Yemen borders. The Oman desert mimics the Mars as much as over 200 researchers from 25 countries voted it as their location of field-test technology as the manned mission concerns for up to four weeks.

The communication is delayed in the Alps with mission command by 10 minutes. The two scientist walk back towards their radio colleagues and all-terrain machines near the guiding base camp, when the geo-radar takes pause or stops its work.

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Since when the former President of United States, Barack Obama and Elon Musk, the SpaceX founder announced that humans can visit the Red Planet in next few decades, many of the private as well as public ventures are competing to walk on the Mars.

Kartik Kumar, an analog astronaut said that, “The successful launch of SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket this week puts us in a completely different realm of what we can put into deep space, what we can send to Mars. These are things I think can’t be underestimated.”

A deputy field commander of the Oman simulation mission, João Lousada, who also controls a flight for International Space Station said in a statement that, “You can test systems on those locations and see where the breaking points are, and you can see where things start to fail and which design option you need to take in order to assure that it does not fail on Mars.”