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Figure skaters avoid falling flat


Figure skaters avoid falling flat on their faces as they jump into the air swirling three times and landing on the ice with only a thin piece of steel as an instrument slid on their feet. Figure skaters perform their routines in such an elegant manner, they make it look normal, and an apparition that speedily evaporates with our own fearless first step in an ice rink.

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Grasping the sidewalls for their dear life, feet wounded from the unreasonable display of ice walking, premiere skaters can hardly skate in a straight line; forget about balancing on one foot. Apparently Olympic figure skaters have championed the ice gods and persuaded the laws of physics to be in the line with their favor, what they have done here is fortify their brains to vanquish their reflexes.

If while performing one inclines one’s neck a bit too backward then the reflexes will take the charge. Neurons that are in charge of firing when the brain appreciates the body is off balance will embark an avalanche of signals from the inner ear to the brain stem, then to the spinal cord and eventually to the muscles that signal the body to stagger forward for the save. In sports like figure skating the body has to consistently be in unlikely positions. So how do the skaters persuade their brains that it is completely alright that the body is halfway to a face-plant?

As per the researchers, practice accelerates new maps of neurons in the cerebellum a region in the back of the brain. So when skaters progress into a position foreseen by the cerebellum, it propels neurons to cancel those reflex signals.