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Microsoft Plans a Huge Upgrade for its Redmond Campus


Microsoft has announced Tuesday that it is planning a major renovation of its Redmond campus. The company announced that it is overhauling the 500-acre campus in a new multi-year project that will take seven years to complete.

A huge upgrade of the company’s Redmond headquarters will take a new look and feel and will introduce a more open and less formal working environment.

The future Redmond headquarters will look like a mini city, featuring heightened buildings and designated public space. As part of the upgrade project, Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters will have a two-acre open plaza that can host 12,000 people, two soccer fields, retail space, a cricket field, new jogging and walking trails, its own light rail station.

There will be divided “team neighborhoods” within the campus. It will also have 18 additional buildings, transportation investments worth $150 million, and public spaces. Currently the company’s current campus houses have 125 buildings, now that number will rise to 131 after the completion of expansion. The company believes that this new project will create 500 construction and development jobs.

Microsoft said, “We are not only creating a world-class work environment to help retain and attract the best and brightest global talent, but also building a campus that our neighbors can enjoy, and that we can build in a fiscally smart way with low environmental impact.”

Microsoft also said that it will run its operations in a manageable manner with a low effect on the environment.