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Keep Distance with Your cellphones as Possible as You Can, California Health Department Suggests


The use of smartphones has increased dramatically in recent years and some scientists have warned about the hidden damage they could be causing to our bodies.

Now, scientists are claiming that these phones put out radio frequency (RF) energy. This week, The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued a warning against the cellphones radiation’s hazards. Yes, they have reported that cell phones are leaking electromagnetic radiation.

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Taking one step towards public health, California has revealed some guidance to safeguard the public.  The state agency issued recommendations to reduce exposure to wireless signals.

CDPH’s guidelines don’t state that cell phone is dangerous, instead, they claim that the radiofrequency (RF) signals from phones may be associated to certain types of cancer, memory problems and loss of sleep.

They suggest people decrease their use of these devices and maintain your distance when possible. They also included that avoid carrying a phone in a pocket, using a headset or speakerphone and limiting the use of cell phone when your signal is weak.

The guideline also focuses on young children suggesting parents on limiting their kids’ cell phone use.  Several studies have suggested that RF energy can affect Kids’ brain activities like causing headaches or hearing loss.

The director of the Center for Family and Community Health at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, DR. Joel Moskowitz said, “Although California’s new cell phone warnings underplay the state of the science, many people consider this action by the largest state public health department to be a significant development.”

He also added that he appreciates the CDPH current leadership’s courage to stand up to a powerful industry.

Talking about the public health-related guidelines, other organizations have already warned of the dangers of cell phone radiation exposure such as Connecticut Department of Public Health, which issued corresponding guidelines in 2015.