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Junk Food Is Cheaper Than Healthy Vegetables and Fruits, But Not Because of Farms


Most of junk food is cheaper, while healthy food like fruits and veggies are much expensive. Many of the people think that this is all because of the farmers. But, it is because of farm bills for sure, as the ingredients included in the junk food such as sugar from corn, flour from wheat and oil from soy obtained from far more money through subsidies than beets and broccoli.

The platitude was repeated by Michael Pollan, who is an author and potentially the most influential person in movement of sustainable-food, last month. The idea behind being the healthful foods more expensive and packaged junk foods so cheaper is because of the subsidy system in the farm bill permeate conversation regarding food policy. But the idea comes with a very big worry, that it is false.

Ingredients in junk food get much money from the subsidies as compared to vegetables and fruits. Winsome Parnell, an associate professor from the Otago University’s human nutrition department said that the wholesome food were not been always such expensive, while the actual problem was that the food preparation skills lacked by Kiwis.

Winsome Parnell said in a statement that, “Fifty years ago, supermarkets didn’t look like they do today — I’m old enough to remember that — and we cooked food from scratch. So you made a meal by peeling potatoes, chopping carrots, cutting up a cabbage, cooking a casserole, you didn’t buy a pizza, or pre-prepared foods. You just did it. What has changed is that people now expect to spend little time preparing food and to be able to buy a lot of it pre-prepared. So if you want to do that, the cost of the food is higher because there is still processing gone into it – it’s halfway there before you buy it.”