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DNA Analysis Revealed Mystery of Yeti, Saying They Are Bears


Being thankful to science, scientists have finally revealed the mystery of Himalayan Yeti myth with the help of DNA analysis. The furry animals that are bigger than humans and having ability of walking by two legs and indeed rove the world’s highest mountain, according to the research published in the biological sciences journal, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, this week.

Researchers found that they are not Yetis, instead they are bears. after going through an analysis of DNA of claimed Yeti specimens, researchers discovered that five among preserved ‘Yetis’ were actually the Tibetan brown bears, while two were the Himalayan brown bears and one was a reliquiae that appeared like fossilized hand that initially belonged to the Asian black bear.

Charlotte Lindqvist, a leading researcher of the findings said that, “I think the taxidermist went a little crazy on that one.” Lindqvist is a researcher on bear genomics from the State University of New York, Buffalo. Her results challenge a 2014’s research led by Bryan Sykes, who is a human geneticist from the Oxford University, which to search a genetic association between an ancient polar bear, which lived around tens of thousands of years back and two assumed Yeti samples.

Lindqvist said that, “It was a very short stretch of the mitochondrial genome that he used – too short to say anything conclusive. All he really had evidence of was that the specimens had something to do with bears. I’m a biologist and bear geneticist and certainly Yetis have never really been on my radar at all from scientific perspective.”