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Apple is offering a New Apple Pay Cash Feature to iOS 11.2 Users


On Monday Apple rolled out Apple Pay Cash, one of the marquee features of the update to users in the United States.

The new feature provides the ability to send money from one iPhone to other iPhone users through the company’s iMessage app similar to Venmo or Square Cash.

The Apple Pay Cash feature only runs on iOS 11.2 on an Apple Pay-compatible device. First users will need to set up the service in the Wallet app. Then they can find the Apple Pay Cash app icon in the iMessage app tray. Your money will live on a digital Apple Pay Cash card.

A user can open Wallet app, select the Apple Pay Cash card, and then follow the steps to add a debit card. On both the sender’s side and receiver’s side, money will be shown as an Apple Pay Cash card. The feature was originally intended to be launch with the initial version of iOS 11, which the company released in September.

With Apple Pay Cash you can transfer money to the bank or keep on the device as a gift card, where you can send it anywhere. The new feature adds convenience and brings all of that complicated functionality directly to iMessage. You can also send money through this service over an iPad, iPhone, or an Apple Watch.

Apple said, “We will be rolling out Apple Pay Cash to iPhone users over the course of this week. We were able to use it on Monday, but it’s not available to everyone yet.”