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Nearly Half of The US Cancer Deaths are caused by Smoking and Unhealthy Behavior


Cancer sounds scary, mysterious, or even inevitable to many of us. A new study suggests, nearly half of the country’s cancer cases are linked to people making lousy choices.

A poor lifestyle can lead to lung cancer and skin cancer cases. There are various factors that can cause the risk of cancer includes cigarette smoking, excess body weight, eating red or processed meats, drinking alcohol, exposure to second-hand smoke, and low fruit and vegetable consumption, the report said.

A new survey in the U.S. found that nearly 30 percent of all cancer deaths are caused by Cigarette smoking.

The study found that 42 percent of cancer cases and 45 percent of cancer deaths could have been prevented, the author suggested, by powerful protective procedure, like excise taxes on cigarettes to reduce smoking and vaccinations against HBV and HPV infections.

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight or tanning beds was linked to 94 percent in women and 96 percent of skin cancers in men.

In 1981, a British study was conducted in which more than two-thirds of cancer deaths were attributed to these factors.

The study also found that eating an unhealthy diet and being overweight could be associated with nearly one-quarter of all cancer cases in women.

According to the CDC, in 2016, around 595,930 people died of a cancer in the US.

Dr. Farhad Islami, a researcher at the American Cancer Society said, “If people avoid some of these risk factors, they could substantially reduce their risk of many types of cancer.”